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Working late at the office

MeSseD Comics' Season 3 first appearance of Fat Mucket

Ever worked late at the office and thought you weren't alone?

Manager of Operations, Fat Mucket, is working late at the office.

Someone ... something is stalking the halls.

Check out this preview artwork from Season 3: Chapter 1 Influent artwork by Dylan Speeg.

Readers will finally get to meet MSD’s Manager of Operations, Fat Mucket! She is brought to life by MeSseD model, cosplayer, and writer/editor Aiesha D. Little, who penned some excellent entries on cosplay and modeling on the MeSseD blog.

Fat Mucket is a fan favorite who has been serving up the latest reports on everything going on in the Roots since Season 1, Chapter 1.

Aiesha penned a few blogs about her experience with cosplay and character modeling for Fat Mucket.

Model Behavior: Becoming Fat Mucket

Is It Really for Everyone?: Fat Mucket Character Model Talks Cosplay and Body Image

To find out the rest of the story in MeSseD Season 3: Boots On, pre-order Season 3: Boots On now for 20% off.

Season 1: Follow The Flush trade and Season 2: Dregs single chapters are now available for 20% off for the holidays!

All proceeds go to pay artists and invest in more storytelling!


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