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MSD Human Resources

Equipment File #19730789

Manager of Operations aka Fat Mucket

Subject: Pipers


The flushers call it a “piper.” It’s more of a homemade pipe bomb or grenade that the filter workers are making for their survey work. They are unconventional tools not sanctioned by the MSD.


Unfortunately, the cache of pipe bombs are not on the treatment plant campus but hidden in the Roots. Flushers pick them up before they go on a survey. Even though illegal, they are effective. We figured there are numerous types of pipers: flare, cleacher chemical, explosive, flash stun, etc. Filter workers started using pipers to clear out rat mischiefs and impacted debris. There was a surge of use as a reptilian deterrent for Allicrocs. This was before the Allicroc treaty was signed.


As long as these pipers aren’t taking from the budget, I have no problem with their use. I just hope no dregging filter loses a limb or blows out an eardrum with this homemade garbage.


Action: Observe with an “I told you so” ready.

MSD Human Resources

Equipment File #005021020016

Manager of Operations aka Fat Mucket

Subject: Cleacher


The flushers have been using variations of the Cleacher since before my predecessor. A combination chemical sprayer, flashlight / light source, laser survey tool and, I’m told, an effective blunt object for “whack-a-rat.” The cleacher is a great multi tool for the average filter worker.

Observation: Now the flushers have gotten a little creative, making the chemical spray more focused to shoot long range, concentrated pulses. Bursts, usually a mix of chlorine and cyanide, at high velocity will deter the most hungry Allicroc.


Action: Cleachers are part of the budget, adjustments by filter works don't increase the bottom line. Minimal incidents reported from these “adjustments.” No action necessary at this time.

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