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The second volume of MeSseD contains 7 chapters, expanding on the world build in Volume 1, introducing us to new MSD workers and new flusher challenges.

The second season of comics seeks to explore more of the wild and weird world that exists right beneath our feet, as well as to find answers to some of the questions raised in its first volume of comics. The second volume also promises more story than before - in addition to the 5 regular season chapters, volume 2 also offers two bonus chapters focusing on Lilliput’s friend and partner-in-slime, Akka the rat.

Echoes, Fatberg Variations, Mother, Hunt and Flowers featuring the artwork of Dylan Speeg. 

Bonus story Messenger, Part 1 and Part 2 featuring the artwork of Clint Basinger

MeSseD Season 2 writer Jay B. Kalagayan.

"MeSseD comics is a fascinating, underground world-building dystopia reminiscent of the working class bizarre horror of William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch and the bodily grossness of JunjiIto’s Gyo." -represent_999

Check out Season 1 digitally for FREE.

Season 3 coming December 2020

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