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Guest Artist: Brandon Wagner

Brandon Wagner is a comic artist, writer and proud Cincinnatian. I met Brandon through the Cincinnati Comic Creators, a monthly gathering of comic book writers, artists, illustrators, etc. Brandon's friendly, good humored, a huge manga fan and quite a talented artist. His cartoonish style artwork is so expressive. He's able to convey a lot in just a panel.

Over my favorite dish of fish tacos at The Brew House, we discussed getting inspired in the MeSseD universe. We were excited to commission this piece from him. We have the finished sketch and process piece as well.

He wrote the following about MeSseD Comics and Akka: “Messenger won me over with the exploration into the microcosm of MeSSeD’s intense sewer wildlife. Akka the Rat is a voiceless heroine that is still remarkably expressive and badass!”

It's Footsie and Akka, together again! This scene seems to be from Season 2, "Messenger" parts A & B. I like his portrayal of the sewer worms in their dripping grossness. He's really able to capture the tension of the scene with body language and that fierceness Akka is known for. Plus, Footsie is so cute!

Check out more of Brandon Wagner's work on Instagram at @brandonwagnercomics.

Later, no Gator,


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