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Exact Change

When I was a kid, my favorite activity was checking the spinner rack at the local gas station for the latest comic books. I remember my first comic book, Avengers #210 "You Don't Need the Weathermen to Know Which Way the Wind Blows!" The year was 1981. That comic was just $.50. I had the exact change in my pocket. The comic book had the entire cast including mainstays like Captain America, Wasp, Thor and Iron Man but it was my first time meeting characters like The Beast, Vision and Scarlet Witch, Jocasta and Wonder Man. They were Earth's Mightiest Heroes. My nine-year-old mind was blown with this one-in-done story. As a writer, I would be honored if I was able to create that kind of experi

Is It Really for Everyone?: Fat Mucket Character Model Talks Cosplay and Body Image

We’re happy to introduce you to writer/editor Aiesha D. Little, who serves as the character model for Fat Mucket in the upcoming season of MeSseD! In this post, she discusses being a plus-sized Black costumer in the straight-sized-obsessed cosplay community. My journey into the weird, wild world of cosplay came by way of steampunk (aka Victorian science fiction). Eight years ago, I attended a steampunk event while researching a story and decided that I liked the visual aesthetic of it enough to buy a corset and join in the fun. I was in my mid 30s at the time, and steampunk felt more accessible from a community standpoint because it skews toward an older crowd. Also, the idea of creating m

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