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Guest Artist: Matthew Sparks

I met Matthew Sparks through the Cincinnati Comic Creators and the Queen City / Ohio comic book scene. Matthew is a terrific indie comic artist. I would describe his work as kinetic, like it's about to leap off the page. I always have a good time tripping nostalgia talking Spider-Man or Daredevil with Matthew.

We were excited to commission this piece from him. Matthew has a great interpretation of the sewer worm (Look at those teeth!) and Lilliput. Check out his fantastic use of the water / sewage flow.

He wrote the following about the experience, “Illustrating for MeSseD was both a stressful and rewarding. Stressful because of the pressure I put on myself When Jay approached me to do a promo piece for the book. I wanted to produce as great a piece as possible but was always second guessing if I’ve done enough. All that stress faded away when I sent the finished piece to Jay who was over the moon with what I’d done. So stressful yes but rewarding to have a happy creator and an awesome piece to my name.”

Matthew Sparks is a visual storyteller and illustrator who lives in Covington, Kentucky. He works primarily in pencil and ink, and enjoys working on adventure and superhero stories. His work can be viewed on Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter @MTSComics. He is also the author of Tigris, illustrated by Pedrian Panilio, and has worked with Corgi Press on promotional art for the Raymond Hardcase series.

Matthew is currently working on the book Cherubim with Writer Brian Level. It tells a story of a religious faction protecting the innocent from the dark forces looking to kickstart the end of days. They protect the innocent with their warrior Cherubim.

The book is a call back to a lot of 80s style comics with a little bit of 90s supernatural. It’s major influences are Spawn, Ghost Rider and Daredevil melted and molded together to create a dark action backed story.

Thanks Matthew for contributing to the MeSseD Comics Universe!

Later, no Gator,



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