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Tunnel Tour

Check out our favorite photos from the Tunnel Tours:

The MeSseD Tunnel Tour is an immersive comic book experience installed in the subterranean basement of Union Hall in May and June of 2018. The exhibit, based on the Cincinnati-born comic MeSseD, artfully meshes sewer management and science fiction, turning the solitary experience of reading a comic book into a social “moment” in which people will experience the comic together in a real tunnel.

Where: Union Hall, 1314 Republic Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202  No entrance from Vine Street. 

When: May 11 - June 16

Thursday, June 14 6-9 p.m. $6 each, youth $4 each

Saturday, June 16 11 am-2 p.m. $6 each, youth $4 each

Tickets: Timed entry tickets will be $6 each, youth 17 and under are $4 each.  For ticket orders with youth tickets, please call 513-300-5669 (KNOW) for reservations.

Reservations must be made online. Waiver must be signed before you can embark on the MeSseD Tunnel Tour.  

For your timed entry tickets please click here.

Other information: 
Attendees will meet at the entrance at 1314 Republic Street.  There is no tour entrance from Vine Street.  We will send out liability form for you to fill it out in advance with your confirmation email.  You must have signed liability form with you to take the tour.

Remember, sturdy shoes are recommended and open-toed shoes are prohibited. Be aware that you will pass through confined, dark spaces and will climb over 100 steps.


If you have any questions, please contact us at (513) 484-4168 or  

Rated PG for grossness and worm violence.

Check out the exhibit photography by Geoff Raker

Into the Education Room, experience the fun!

Want to help?  Volunteer for the MeSseD Tunnel Tour

MeSseD Tunnel Tour: Behind the Scenes Pics

About the MeSseD Tunnel Tour Team
Producer and Writer: Jay B. Kalagayan
Artwork: Dylan Speeg
Video Designer & Technical Director: Douglas Borntrager
Graphic Designer: Geoff Raker
Textile Artist: Abby Langdon "Abbydid"
Volunteer Coordinator: Xu V. Chau
Education Designer: Byron Hitch & Fig8
Education Designer: REALSEWER1
Editors: Annie Wadman & Kristen Ruthemeyer Hammer
Consultant: Terry Brueneman 
MeSseD Logo Design: Geoff Raker
MeSseD Tunnel Tour Logo Design: Zac Ghaderi
Model and Cosplay for Lilliput: Xu V. Chau

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