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Special Thanks

(in no particular order)

Our loving and supportive families

Northern Kentucky's Sanitation District 1 (SD1)

Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati

Hampton Roads Sanitation District

Xu V. Chau

Maika and Andrew Beardsley 

Abby and Jason Langdon 

Adrienne Michelle

Kaitlin Jean Hunt

Ingrid Rachel

Monisha Ringler

William Grapes

Kevin Necessary

Christina Wald

Jeff Suess

Brendan McEachern

Russell Ihrig 

Steve Ramos

Aly Michaud

Chris Pinelo

Terry Brueneman

Jeff Syroney

Annette Meuer

Lissa Urriquia Gapultos

Liz Borntrager

All our friendly neighborhood vendors

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

Know Theatre of Cincinnati

Contemporary Arts Center


Arcadian Comics- Steve, Katie, Sig, Shawn, Kyle

Seemless Printing- Christian, Pam and Micah

Cincinnati Comic Creators- Tina, Rodney, Chris, Eric, Tim, Kat

Masterminds- Chris, Eric, Kyle, Morris

The Hardy Boys- Mark, George, Will, Werner, Dave, Dan, Betsy, Lee

Real Dudes Podcast 

The Cinema Guys

David Lyman and the Cincinnati Enquirer

Emily Begman and CityBeat

Cincinnati Soapbox

Cincinnati Magazine

Mikki and Chaz Schaffner

Dan and Tamara Winters

Dave Powell

David Siders

Lisa Mauch

Ron Royer

Beth and Jeff Royer

Charlie and Rachel Moore

Chris Zdinak

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