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Where'd the name Lilliput come from?

StartFragment Fat Mucket? Sandshell? Kidneyshell? What's up with those names? This past winter, Dylan and I were the guests of The Mercantile Library's Graphic Novel Discussion Group-- a beautiful historic library with an amazing collection. MeSseD Seasons 1 and 2 were discussed with their regular group of participants. We had a fun time talking about MeSseD art, story and themes as it relates to comic book and popular culture. One of the questions asked was, "Where do the names come from? Does Lilliput's name stem from Gulliver's Travels and the Lilliputian people?" Here's my response: When I worked at the Cincinnati Museum Center, I had the privilege of touring their Edge of Appalachi

"Lucky" Behind-the-Scenes

StartFragment Really!?! Here's more of Dylan Speeg's behind the scenes illustrating of MeSseD. Check out his process on MeSseD Chapter Five: Lucky, featuring the modeling talent of Adrienne Michelle! When asked about how is creating comics different from and/or similar to creating other art, Dylan says, "Keeping a storyline cohesive from frame to frame is the priority. I have really had to work on my speed to keep it cost effective. There is an established tradition and visual language that you can work with that I really like. It has to make sense to the reader or it doesn't work. It has made me a better artist all the way around." Lucky is available now! Later, no gator! Jay EndFragment

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