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Welcome to The Intrusion

Art by Clint Basinger

Written by Jay B. Kalagayan

Layout by Geoff Raker

Adolescent, mischievous cockroaches, Paton and Horacesearch for sweet graffiti spots and forgotten jelly donuts!

Writer, Jay B. Kalagayan, and artist, Clint Basinger, has created The Intrusion stories in comic strip form, as a homage to the daily and Sunday cartoon strips from their youth.

As seen in the Columbus Scribbler!

introduction k b.jpg


When you have food poisoning, sweat is in your eyes and you are reading Beetle Bailey on the toilet, you are experiencing The Intrusion.


When you have heartburn and forget your reader glasses, then 

try to read a Farside cartoon …

That’s The Intrusion


What if the moldy Healthcliff lunchbox in Jean-Michel Basquiat’s secret refrigerator became sentient?



What if Beetlejuice and Shepard Fairey got drunk and planned to take over the world?


If The Boondocks met Banksy and stayed up all night partying … The Intrusion is the hangover afterwards …


What if The Boondocks and The Metamorphoses had an insect baby? 

inspiration inks tiff a.tif


Like Modesty Blaise and Steve Canyon, but without the sexy-ness, plot and human

characters … 


The packaging that your Grub Hub order got spilled in and vaguely looks like art …

That’s The Intrusion.

messed indigo inks e 3 tiff.tif
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