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Creature Feature

MSD Human Resources

Manager of Operations aka Fat Mucket

Subject: Tubifex #210345219


"Divergent tubifex worm species have been discovered by filter worker Lilliput.  A clew of them was slumming on a sewage choke.  Wankcret Horizon’s (L75) dimensional radiation may be enhancing this worm anomaly.


Lilliput reports that the effluent flow obstruction seemed "constructed" out of trash and debris and not a natural occurrence, possibly the action of these "filament" shadowy figures.

Action: Dissect worm specimen, test for above normal mutation. Resist urges to ridicule Lilliput about shady beavers building sewage dams."

MSD Human Resources

Manager of Operations aka Fat Mucket

Subject: Filaments #272645209


"There are numerous reports of shadowy figures in the Roots, nexus areas and main effluent flows by various filter workers.  These mysterious figures, annoyingly nicknamed by the filters as "filaments" or "tangles" are believed to be moving various trash and debris, possibly stacking or blocking the flow. Action: Immediate drug test workers for psychedelics.  Have Kidneyshell compare to allicroc graveyard fungus bloom and pharmaceutical .  Observation: Maybe the boogeyman and Old Black Joe are panning for gold in my sewage as well.  This dregging job ..."


Manager of Operations aka Fat Mucket

Subject: Filaments #02026160

"Camera footage confirms presence of these shadowy figures in the Roots, throughout prime, second and even third tier tunnels.  They do seem to "beaver" using trash to slow the sewage flow.  

Reinstating various filter workers who reported these boogie men from "useless" status to "semi-competent" in their files.

Action: Order filter workers to obtain a specimen of these shady beavers.  Kidneyshell says we need to use the spherical specimen containers to keep the sample suspended.  


Observation: Those eight-balls aren't cheap so each filter gets one container each.  Budget projections due mid-month."

MSD Human Resources

Manager of Operations aka Fat Mucket

Subject: Filaments #040210160

"Lilliput’s little “scrape” with the shadowy figures yielded a healthy sample for Kidneyshell to examine.  Tests reveal that they’re filaments, a dregging mutation of filamentous bacteria.  Just like the annoying critters we have in our treatment tanks!

I’ll blame the usual dregging suspects for another sewage cocktail anomaly in the Roots:  

*Blood and hormones from the slaughterhouse district

*Wankcret Horizon’s dimensional radiation

*Pharmaceutical and hospital drug run off  

*Sewer pool stagnation from fatberg clots throughout the lines

First we get a tribe of allicrocs then mutated cockroaches, oh and of course the fungus forests.  Least we’re not getting Pittsburgh’s vampire homeless or the singing sewer cicadas in Cincinnati.


Observation: Least these filaments seem delicate.  Cleacher blasts seem to be effective as well as a shovel to the chest.  These filaments have a mind about them, but they are acting defensively, running scared from my filter workers.  We can use that to isolate them and flush their tunnels.


Prevention: Regarding contact with these walking bacteria, Kidneyshell devised a scanner able to inject highly reactive antibiotic foam to infiltrated areas.  Short term, it’ll kill any filament bacteria.  She’s not sure of the effect exposure of the foam on the filter workers in the long term.  Kidneyshell mentioned possible eradication of all the body’s microbes. Continue field observation of effects.

MSD Human Resources

Manager of Operations aka Fat Mucket

Subject: Bull Guard #210345619


Thicker tendrils compose the “Bull Guard” humanoid form.  Thick body and limbs, less pliable.  Hand-to-hand not advised.

Can bull guards digest / absorb the same way as other filaments?


Wide torsos perfectly shield other filaments from harm.  Tendrils are semi-resistant to Cleacher shots.  Sandshell reports three times the Cleacher blasts needed.


Theorize forced adaptation but how did they know our Cleacher blast chemicals?

MSD Human Resources

Manager of Operations aka Fat Mucket

Subject: The Hounds #210347392


Lilliput reported the “hunt” was led by smaller filaments.  On all four limbs.  Hind leg design.  Pack behavior.  Rooting low through the sewage flow … sensing …

Sounds like a pack of hounds.  Not sure of the hound’s attack method.  Would the hounds stab with their tendrils then absorb?

Luckily, Lilliput didn’t suffer a full on pack attack to find out.


The sewers are a hodge podge of DNA.

Are filaments able to decipher DNA attributes from sewage for forced adaptation?  Could the hounds be shaped by the mother from the DNA of Canis, Felis catus, Rattus norvegicus or other animal genus?

Could this be why filaments picked humanoid form because of the plethora of DNA in the sewers?

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