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MeSseD Tunnel Tour: Sneak Peak

META DATA DATA StartFragment Can we really say that the general public understands the essential service provided through our public sewers? You definitely know more than the average Joe if you read MeSseD! I think we’re a very flush-and-forget-it society, noticing sewer and water works primarily when there’s a problem. However, do we understand even the basics of this public service? Made possible by a grant from People’s Liberty, there’s a cool new exhibit coming from our creative team that will provide an even more personal sewer “experience:” The MeSseD Tunnel Tour. I’m so excited to finally begin tours in a subterranean basement at Union Hall (read on for the details). Without giving t

Indiana Comic Con gets MeSseD

META DATA DATA StartFragment Indiana Comic Con 2018 Friday, March 30 - Sunday, April 1 Indianapolis Convention Center Equis! Indiana Comic Con hosts comic book creators and vendors as well as a plethora of film festivals, celebrities and exhibits. In our MeSseD comics debut at Indiana Comic Con, Dylan, Jay, V and Bryon roadtripped to Indianapolis, Indiana. It was three wild days of meeting good looking fans, cosplay pics and enjoying panel discussions. Oh and we love local chain, Jack's Donuts! Masarap! Enjoy the pics from the events! For other happenings click here! EndFragment

Gem City Comic Con gets MeSseD

META DATA DATA StartFragment Gem City Comic Con 2018 Saturday, March 24 - Sunday, March 25, 2018 Dayton Convention Center 22 E 5th St. Dayton, OH 45402 What a stunner! Gem City Comic Con has been pleasing comic book collectors, enthusiastic gamers and pop culture fans for 12 years. In our MeSseD comics debut at Gem City Comic Con, Dylan, Jay and V roadtripped to Dayton, Ohio. They signed MeSseD chapters and cover prints and got to talk to good looking attendees and artists alike. V had some fun in Lilliput cosplay posing with other cosplayers, artists and attendees. Jay got his Mike Maydak books and artwork! Enjoy the pics from the events! For other happenings click here! EndFragment

Where'd the sewer speak come from?

StartFragment Dregs? Ka-Flush? Equis? Where's the language come from? As mentioned in a previous blog, Dylan and I were the guests of The Mercantile Library's Graphic Novel Discussion Group-- a beautiful historic library with an amazing collection. MeSseD Seasons 1 and 2 were discussed with their regular group of participants. We had a fun time talking about MeSseD art, story and themes as they relate to comic book and popular culture. One of the questions asked was, "I noticed that Lilliput and the other characters have a different language. Where's the language come from?" Here's my response: While doing research with Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati, Sanita

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