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Lilliput's being hunted

Greetings Fellow Flushers, Who's ready for an exciting MeSseD chapter? This is "Hunt," the middle of the three part "Filament" story arc for MeSseD. In part one, "Mother," Lilliput captures a sample of the source of all filament life – The Mother. In "Hunt" the filament known as Quasi is back and leading a pack of different types of filaments to track down Lilliput. We have the large "Bull Guards," that seem impervious to Cleacher blasts, and the persistent "Hounds," able to track Lilliput's scent through the sewage flow. I hope you enjoy this chapter. It has some of my favorite action and suspense scenes in the series. Later, no gator! Jay MeSseD Comics presents Hunt Volume 2, Chapter 4 N

Who's your Momma?

Hello Fellow Flushers, Who's ready for another chapter? This is "Mother" and the beginning of a three part story arc for MeSseD. So far, we've had single chapter stories. Kind of like a single in a music album. This arc reveals more about the mysterious, walking bacteria known as the Filaments. The Filaments have taken on the antagonist role in the Roots starting in Season 1, Chapter 3 Scrape and Chapter 5 Lucky. In "Mother" we get a filament nature documentary. We're voyeurs observing their habits, behavior and most importantly, where the filaments come from. Hope you enjoy this deeper dive into the world of the Filaments. Later, no gator! Jay MeSseD Comics presents Mother Volume 2, Chap

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