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MeSseD: New animated short

META DATA DATA StartFragment In celebration of our new MeSseD Vol. 1: Follow the Flush trade, MeSseD illustrator Dylan Speeg has mashed his two creative muses together using animation. His band, Heavy Hinges and his comic, MeSseD combined into a new animated short / music video. Featuring the song, Ms. Right, a track off of Heavy Hinges' 2018 release Lonely, the music video is the result of months of Speeg's solo animation work. "This took me 5 months to make. I had my model Xu V. Chau dress up like the character Lilliput and took some reference photos for movement then went to work drawing. It took 1,365 drawings to make this 4 minute and 27 second animated short." "I'm really blown away

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