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MSD Human Resources

Cycle Evaluation

Manager of Operations aka Fat Mucket

Subject: Lilliput, filter worker #13-5779569


Evaluation: Call sign “Lilliput” is your typical filter. She’s a flusher that has served enough cycles to be one of our few senior workers. She’s tough, smart and adaptable. Good instincts on that one. She keeps the effluent flowing through her jurisdiction. Whines less than the other filters.


Mandatory negative notation: Has the regular filter “sloth” every few cycles. Expected … I would say, like typical orphans, she seeks familial bonds. So she’s soft on the various “Residents of the Roots” from befriending the illegal homeless squatting in the tunnels, possibly aiding and abetting that wild mutant cockroach and keeping a rat as a pet.


She’s had multiple treaty violations with the Allicroc tribe, uses unconventional tools on the job (See piper grenades) and has reported “shadowy figures” in the roots.


Final Note: She keeps the effluent flowing.

MSD Human Resources

Violation File #111111-18120

Excerpt from Manager of Operations aka Fat Mucket

Subject: Rat


Filter worker “Lilliput” has a pet rat! This rodent rarely leaves her shoulder, usually going on surveys with her. Fric and

 Frac are these two. Lilliput even talks to the dregging thing as they share a meal.


Now, this “Akka” is a fierce rodent. She almost seems vigilant even protective of Lilliput whether in the Roots or on the treatment

 plant campus. The rat is like another set of eyes.


Our medical manager and chief annoyance officer, Kidneyshell, theorizes that the presence of this “Akka” might help pacify other

 rodents. Akka’s scent on Lilliput might give her a neutral presence with the numerous rat mischiefs throughout the roots. Kidneyshell

 says this is evident by less rat skirmishes with Lilliput than other filter workers. Less rat bites, scratches and swarming of my flushers would be less sick time and more cost effective.

MSD Human Resources

Excerpt from Manager of Operations aka Fat Mucket

Subject: Quasi


Recurring filament in reported conflicts. Lengthwise gaping scarring from subject’s left side easily identifies subject’s involvement.

Quasi is mercurial, able to quickly dodge for defense and flex to pounce. 

Tendrils can form points and easily pierce through our uniforms. New reported ability to harden tendrils and throw them like javelins (Reference Lilliput injury I-#0623). 


Aggressive. Violent. Vindictive? Lilliput used a shovel to bisect its torso. Quasi’s violent assault on Sandshell almost introduced her to Old Black Joe. Is Quasi taking this personally?


Quasi seems to be independent. A number of solo sightings, including the attack on Sandshell, have been reported. However, Quasi has led the action of various groups of filaments. Is Quasi the upper management we seek to eliminate?

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