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MeSseD at the Cincinnati Comic Expo!

The Cincinnati Comic Expo is the hometown show for all of us here at MeSseD, and this year was no exception. Check out some of our favorite pics from the Expo oh and don't forget the slide show at the bottom! The Sewer Worms have no mercy on those that didn't enjoy The 2019 Cincinnati Comic Expo! The Scarlet Witch and Dr. Strange tamed the savage sewer worms with their spells ... MeSseD Illustrator Dylan Speeg did some original doodles in select MeSseD Vol 1 Follow the Flush Season 1 Trade paperbacks! Four out of five family members love MeSseD Comics. Sorry fifth family member ... Oh the cuteness ... We hosted Know Theatre of Cincinnati's at our table so Jordan Trovillion stopped by! Che

MeSseD up at Indiana Comic Con 2019

META DATA DATA StartFragment Indiana Comic Con 2019 Friday, August 30 - September 1 Indianapolis Convention Center Equis! Indiana Comic Con hosts comic book creators and vendors as well as a plethora of film festivals, celebrities and exhibits. Dare we say, it's the biggest comic con in Indiana! In our second trip to Indiana Comic Con, Jay, V and Bryon roadtripped back to Indianapolis, Indiana. The first season trade, MeSseD Vol. 1: Follow the Flush was really, really popular with new fans and fellow flushers. It was three wild days of meeting good looking fans, cosplay pics and enjoying panel discussions. We got another taste of local chain, Jack's Donuts! Masarap! Jay's family got t

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