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Cincinnati Comic Expo gets MeSseD!

The Cincy Expo is the hometown show for all of us here at MeSseD. We all got masked up in celebration of creators, celebrities, crafters and vendors with a plethora of interesting experiences and unique stories!

This was our first Cincy Expo since the pandemic and we were excited to safely meet with fellow fans about the stories that excite us.

Check out our favorite pics and at the bottom the album of fans and friends being assaulted by sewer worms or surrounded by filaments!

First up, look at all these creators in one booth!

Tim Fuller with Sham Comics, Clint Basinger with Cosmic Moustache Comics

And of course Dylan Speeg and Jay B. Kalagayan. Bask in the creativity!

Of course Taskmaster doesn't have a problem running through a pesky sewer worm!

Superstars like Cincinnati Roller Girl skater Wicked Widget and friends tested the new filament filter for us!

The hosts from The Cinema Guys and The History of Bad Ideas Podcast got attacked by sewer worms! 🐛


We're already excited about Cincinnati Comic Expo 2021, September 23 - 15, will we see you there?


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