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What's a "Fatberg"?

Okay Fellow Flushers, we have the first ever "Fatberg" in comics! Only in MeSseD Comics does this kind of thing happen. Check out Season 2, Chapter 2 "Fatberg Variations". What's a "Fatberg"? A fatberg is a lump of wet wipes, condoms, diapers, grease, oil, sanitary napkins and fat. Everything that doesn't break down when wet. Things we think are okay to flush or dump down our sinks. In 2013, London discovered a fatberg the size of a bus, weighing in at 17 tons. Just this past year, a fatberg in Baltimore, Maryland diverted 1.2 million gallons of raw sewage into Jones Falls. Lilliput is dealing with a Fatberg in her territory. However, something is stalking her in the shadows. Enjoy! Ja

What are "dreg sprouts"? Find out in Echoes

What!?! There's a new chapter of MeSseD!?! MeSseD Comics are back! This indie comic from Cincinnati, Ohio invites you on a ride-along: filter worker Lilliput battles mundane and fantastic challenges in the labyrinth of pipes laid right beneath our feet. MeSseD: Season 2 expands on the introductions of Season 1. We learn how Lilliput is able to "see" in the dark, dank depths in Chapter 1: Echoes. Plus we bring back Nymph, the Muck Golem and introduce Pilty! Also, what are "dreg sprouts"? Enjoy! Jay MeSseD Comics presents Echoes Volume 2, Chapter 1 NOW AVAILABLE Writer: Jay B. Kalagayan Illustrator and Cover artist: Dylan Speeg Lights out! Thanks to some fancy MSD tech, Lilliput tries to trip

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