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Guest Artist: Michelle Littlejohn

I met Michelle Littlejohn at SolCon 2019. She is an independent artist & illustrator out of Cleveland, Ohio. Her artwork really stuck out. Her pieces reminded me of Fiona Staples' line work and her characters' rich facial expressions. I ran into her again at Genghis Con 2019 in Cleveland and I got to talk to her a little bit further and about having her do some MeSseD artwork.

We were excited to commission this piece from her. We have a few different versions below.

She wrote the following about her experience: "I never thought I would enjoy drawing anything from the sewers! Jay and his team helped open my eyes to a world we hardly ever think about! MeSseD comics is nothing to play around with!!"

I loved that she picked to portray sewer worker Sandshell. Sandshell was introduced in Season 1, Chapter 5, "Lucky" and had that violent encounter with the filament Quasi. She takes a leading role in Season 3 (Currently being illustrated by Dylan Speeg) and Season 4 (Currently being written by me, ha!)

Check out more of Michelle Littlejohn's work on Instagram at @starrelish or her website.

Later, no Gator,


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