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Meet Lilliput, Tour Guide and Seasoned Warrior

Who are the brave people that keep our vast sewer system working?

Meet Lilliput! She is our tour guide to the wild world of MeSseD.

As with all Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) filter workers, she’s alone patrolling her range. Behind her nonchalant, professional demeanor, we see glimpses of what lies within: the heart of a seasoned warrior.

Lilliput rarely goes anywhere without her partner, Akka. Lilliput finds friends and family in the sewer residents and her fellow MSD filter workers. Her empathy with the ebb and flow of her range shines through in every decision and action.

Years in the service of MSD has honed her into a patient worker with a warrior’s instincts: quick reflexes, adaptable, and able to use the terrain to her advantage. She’s able to assess and react to the myriad of odd situations in the Roots.

Excerpt from manager of operations, aka Fat Mucket, on Lilliput:

Call sign “Lilliput” is your typical filter. She’s a flusher that has served enough cycles to be one of our few senior workers. She’s tough, smart and adaptable. Good instincts on that one. She keeps the effluent flowing through her jurisdiction. Whines less than the other filters.

Click HERE to see the rest of Fat Mucket's MSD Human Resource Evaluation, including the "Mandatory Negative Notation".

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