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Welcome to the Roots

Ever have an idea that won’t leave your head?

MeSseD is one of those ideas. The thought that there’s a vast underground world beneath our feet... That there’s thousands of miles of pipes that only a few workers have access to... Roots deep as a skyscraper is tall... So you have to ask the question, “how do we know what’s really down there?”

Answering that question has been my obsession for the last two years. It’s been quite a good time, researching, writing and working with great artists, designers and other creators.

Chapter One: Choke goes on sale November 1. Each chapter will be released every two weeks, skipping the holidays, of course. MeSseD’s first season will be told in self contained stories introducing the world of “the Roots” beneath our feet. Each chapter is accessible to readers at any point, but weaves a loose thread connecting the stories.

Glad to have you “Follow the Flush” with us!

- Jay

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