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Boots on this December

MeSseD Comics' Season 3 emerges from the sewers!

Jay B. Kalagayan and Dylan Speeg will release the next installment in their underground success, MeSseD Season 3: Boots On. Fans will be able to binge the latest from this critically acclaimed series when the digital issues become available on December 9.

"MeSseD gives us a creative look into the weird, wet underground of the sewer system, with a strong, likeable lead, and a fun, science fiction embellishment."

-Outright Geekery

The Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) processes over one billion gallons of wastewater each day from more than ten thousand miles of pipeline. Nicknamed “MeSseD” by its workers, the MSD employs filter workers to keep the flow, including our hero, Lilliput. Through her eyes, MeSseD follows the flush to the world underneath, where the vast quantities of human, medical, and industrial waste have transformed our sewer systems into vibrant and dangerous biomes supporting a variety of life forms. From the homeless seeking refuge underground to creatures who have evolved to be bigger and smarter than their surface counterparts, MeSseD explores a world full of adventure and unconventional beauty in the thick roots under our feet.

The universe of MeSseD expands in Season 3 as the creatures of the roots come above ground to tangle with the filter workers on their home turf. While Liliput recuperates from injuries sustained while capturing the filament “mother” for study, Quasi leads the filaments in an attempt to infiltrate the MSD Headquarters, and the filter workers rise to meet them. This season boasts a secret midnight heist, a thrilling confrontation, and a new look at the creatures from the Roots.

Above ground, Season 3 brings us an action packed story. Readers will see their favorite characters, including

MSD’s Manager of Operations, Fat Mucket! She is brought to life by MeSseD model, cosplayer, and writer/editor Aiesha D. Little, who penned some excellent entries on cosplay and modeling on the MeSseD blog. Fat Mucket is a fan favorite who has been serving up the latest reports on everything going on in the Roots since Season 1, Chapter 1. In this new Season, the action comes right to her doorstep and we finally get to see her in action! Check out our blog post with more preview art and Fat Mucket!

Our readers will also get to meet a host of new faces. Quick, unpredictable, and smarter than they look, the filaments are formidable adversaries, and our heroes have their work cut out for them!

“I'm so used to Lilliput being my sole guide to The Roots beneath our feet. For Season 3, we literally have more ‘Boots on’... Dylan worked with over a dozen models from around the world to deliver so many distinct new characters for us to storytell with for seasons to come.”

-Jay B. Kalagayan, writer, MeSseD Comics

“We expanded the look and style of the comic a bunch this season. The universe of MeSseD is exploding!”

-Dylan Speeg, Illustrator, MeSseD Comics

Season 3 will be exclusively available at in digital format on December 9. You can pre-order now for an exclusive discount until the release!

MeSseD Seasons 1 and 2 are available for purchase at, across digital platforms including comiXology and WEBTOONS, local comic and book stores, and various comic and pop conventions.


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