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Infiltration of The Columbus Scribbler

If Pogo and Swoon made guacamole with rotten paw paw fruit and extra smelly breadfruit.

The Intrusion is what happens when they forget the avocados ...

The Intrusion recently premiered in the latest issue of The Columbus Scribbler

Columbus Scribbler celebrates the Comics, Cartoons and Creators of Central Ohio. They inspire people to create your own stories, develop your own art, learn something new about comics, and become a part of the amazing comics community here in the wonderful city of Columbus.

And they have let The Intrusion in ...

Click here to see what The Intrusion did to The Columbus Scribbler.

If C215's razor beard clippings were fermented with lead paint and old Richie Rich comics ... The Intrusion are the fools that would taste test it.

The Intrusion

Art by Clint Basinger

Written by Jay B. Kalagayan

Layout by Geoff Raker

Writer Jay B. Kalagayan and artist Clint Basinger, has created The Intrusion stories in comic strip form, as a homage to the daily and Sunday cartoon strips from their youth.

The Intrusion premiered at the Cincinnati Comic Expo on September 27, 2022 in the MeSseD Spectacle.

A new issue of The Intrusion will premiere at the Cincinnati Comic Expo in 2023!


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