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Fresh Comics?

That's right, hot off the printer new MeSseD comics will premiere at the Cincinnati Comic Expo this weekend.


The new MeSseD Spectacle Vol. 1, Issue 1 features: 


A new one-in-done story CLOG with Lilliput and Akka back in the tunnels

Featuring artwork by Dylan Speeg and script by Jay B. Kalagayan


Leaked Fat Mucket HR Profiles with mandatory negative comments 


And the world premiere of The Intrusion

(First issue WARNING, you collectors out there!)


What's The Intrusion?


If the moldy container in graffiti artist Jean Michel Basquiat ’s refrigerator became sentient, that's The Intrusion ... 

In the world of MeSseD, The Intrusion is a group of mutated and mischievous cockroaches. Intrusion brood mates Paton and Horace fight boredom, search for meaning, “stunner” graffiti spots and “dayold” donuts.


What if Keith Haring’s toenails and mildew-ridden Sunday funnies fermented in a rotten barrel?
Welcome to The Intrusion …


The Intrusion features Clint Basinger’s artwork bringing to life Horace, Paton and Wrinkles subterranean adventures in Sunday funnies format.
Artwork is by Clint Basinger 

Script by Jay B. Kalagayan 


Price includes shipping and handling

MeSseD Spectacle

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