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Playing Dress Up: Bringing Lilliput to Life

Whenever illustrator, Dylan Speeg, and I get together the most delightful creative synergy occurs.

We like to think of ourselves as being just as resourceful as our protagonist Lilliput. We get the costume ensemble from a few different places. Sometimes the items already exists in our closet, other times we make it up on the spot from styrofoam cut outs and imagination.

We’ve built Lilliput’s outfit in the same way our comic is inspired by real stories from the sewers. The fabric of the overalls is a mixture of synthetic materials that are meant to withstand the grime and slime of the tunnels.

Lilliput’s belts are not simple accessories, we imagine that is where she puts her eightball (lab specimen container), pipe bombs, and perhaps even snacks for her and Akka. This wardrobe has gone on the road with us for countless comic cons, book fairs and arts & crafts showcases.

Of course, we must talk about Lilliput’s legendary expressions, down to her smirks and sass that spills all over the comic pages in black and white ink. In truth, there is no way to stage it. These are as real as they come; best when occurs organically like the roots in the sewers. I guess what we’re trying to say is:

“You’d just have to be there for the silliness and banter that goes on at a MeSseD Comics photoshoot.”

Later no gator,

V. Chau

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