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Certain artists are able to just make a mark with an iconic character. Whether it was bonus art on the back cover, a limited series or a definitive run, these artists are able to feed your imagination or trigger nostalgia for a spinner rack of comic books.

Here are a few of my favorite pin up's, short lived series and amazing artists' take on iconic characters:

For Inktober 2018, we reached out to some new artists and asked them to do their version of the world of MeSseD. We got an amazing array of artwork that I hope will trigger the imagination.

Thank you to Jordan, Zakiyya, Stepahn and Tank for their great work! The gallery below has their work plus some other amazing artists as well including Kevin Necessary, Christina Wald, Tim Fuller, Clint Basinger, Gina Marrone, Eamon Hill, Kristian Geer, William Grapes and so many more.

Later, no gator,


MeSseD Inktober Artists 2018

Zakiyya dreams of being an illustrator or storyboard artist in a major animation studio, if her hand doesn’t fall off from drawing too much. She is usually drawing fanart and comics of the shows she is currently obsessed with, such as Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), Haikyuu!, Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (ERASED), and HunterxHunter.Zakiyya thinks Messed Comics is fun for girls who don't mind being messy, especially when animation and graphic novels usually like to make girls nothing but pretty. You can find Zakiyya on Twitter and Instagram at @princeorca, and on Tumblr at @princeorcachan

Jordan Trovillion is an actor and illustrator in Cincinnati. She has done a variety of work, from portraiture to poster design. Her art can be seen on Instagram @trovillain, and at

Anthony “Tank” Mansfield is an illustrator that lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. He draws things that are ugly, overly detailed, and filled with a lot of black. He runs a beer glassware company called Kneel To No One which you can visit online at: or on instagram: kneeltonoone

I enjoy the world of MeSseD and it’s continuing push to be something beyond your normal 2D comic book.

Stepahn Struhöek is an artist and owner of Arcadian Comics in Newport, Kentucky. He secretly is a prolific artist, but hides his work, waiting for the chance to uncork a cornucopia of absurdity on an unsuspecting world. He's helped make MeSseD a fixture at his shop, and supports indie and underground comics with pride.

Jordan Trovillion's MeSseD artwork


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