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Into the Education Room



So after your immersion through the MeSseD Tunnel Tour, what's next? You enter the Education Room. We have the following:

  • REALSEWER1 is available to answer any questions about his sewer experiences. RS1 provided Jay with background stories and reference photography.

  • We have informational posters about the sewage treatment process from Cincinnati's MSD.

  • We have a wall of brown paper ready for artwork, graffiti and comments.

  • Our selfie station features some fun props as well as a huge worm!

  • Finally, the MeSseD Comics store will have fresh comics, crisp cover prints and your complimentary MeSseD Tunnel Tour Special Edition Comic. (One per reservation, while supplies last.)

Running through May 11 - June 16, the MeSseD Tunnel Tour is an immersive comic book experience installed in the subterranean basement of Union Hall.

Click here for more information and to schedule your tickets for the MeSseD Tunnel Tour.


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