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Into the Education Room



So after your immersion through the MeSseD Tunnel Tour, what's next? You enter the Education Room. We have the following:

  • REALSEWER1 is available to answer any questions about his sewer experiences. RS1 provided Jay with background stories and reference photography.

  • We have informational posters about the sewage treatment process from Cincinnati's MSD.

  • We have a wall of brown paper ready for artwork, graffiti and comments.

  • Our selfie station features some fun props as well as a huge worm!

  • Finally, the MeSseD Comics store will have fresh comics, crisp cover prints and your complimentary MeSseD Tunnel Tour Special Edition Comic. (One per reservation, while supplies last.)

Running through May 11 - June 16, the MeSseD Tunnel Tour is an immersive comic book experience installed in the subterranean basement of Union Hall.


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