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Lilliput's being hunted

Hello Fellow Flushers,

Ready for the conclusion to this three part MeSseD story?

"Flowers" shows us the aftermath of all the intriguing ways of the filaments from "Mother" and pursuit action of "Hunt." This chapter is the final story in the "Filament" story arc for MeSseD.

Part three returns us to the surface for the first time since Season 1, Chapter 1: Choke.

We get check out Queenswell, MSD's main treatment plant. Guess which iconic building MSD's headquarters is based off of?

Finally, we get to meet Kidneyshell, MSD's Treatment Manager. A former filter worker, Kidneyshell was maimed during the Allicroc war. Despite her injury, she became MSD's resident medic as well as chief sewage treatment manager.

I've had a blast with this three-part Filament arc and plan on this story to really have repercussions for seasons to come. Hope you enjoy this story.

Later, no gator!


MeSseD Comics presents


Volume 2, Chapter 5


Writer: Jay B. Kalagayan

Illustrator and Cover artist: Dylan Speeg

Meet Kidneyshell: the doc who patches up the flushers to get them back in the Roots. But even the surface doesn’t stay serene for long!

Dregging Deal is back! Order the entire second season, chapters 1-7, for just $49! Each limited edition, first print chapter - Echoes, Fatberg Variations, Mother, Hunt, Flowers and Messengers chapters A & B - sent right to your home.

As a dreggin’ bonus, we’ll email digital copies of Chapters 1-7 to you as well. That way you won’t wish you hadn't given the printed editions away as a gift! (A total value of $77.)



Flowers Page 2 Final





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