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#followtheflush with an Exclusive Look Below our Streets!

We are truly fortunate to have the support of the talented men and women who keep the flow.

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One of our MeSseD comics fans, REALSEWER1, happens to work for a sewer/sanitation district, and submitted some on-the-job pics to share. Truly #followtheflush with some of the images he's sent us!

Green ooze in the sewers? WTH?

REALSEWER1 is on the job using green dye to trace breaks in the sewer system. #NinjaTurtles ?

REALSEWER1 sent us these scary pics of the sewer fauna with the best quote: "Just a spider ready to eat my face off. Reminds me of the spider from Lord of the Rings."

Imagine turning and seeing that in your face! Thank you REALSEWER1.

Anyone able to translate graffiti?

REALSEWER1 sent us graffiti pics along the watershed flow. Love the colors and artistic intention.

REALSEWER1 found the elusive albino cockroach!

Only on the MeSseD Comics page folks!

What’s under those manhole covers? Wonder if Lilliput likes the name “manhole”?

REALSEWER1 striped off sewer covers for views to the world beneath our feet.

"... gaze long into an abyss ..."

Thank you REALSEWER1 for this week's pic exploring the Roots beneath our feet.

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