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MeSseD Comics got Staff Pick in the 2017 Best of Cincinnati!

Ever wondered what’s lurking beneath your feet within the city’s massive, twisting sewer system? Know Theatre founder Jay B. Kalagayan did, and he’s giving Cincinnatians a peek underground into a gooey, alien world. MeSseD, a new comic book series written by Kalagayan and illustrated by local artist and musician Dylan Speeg, descends into the Metropolitan Sewer District, following a filter worker named Lilliput as she braves all manner of creatures and clogs in the depths of the tunnels. From a human sized cockroach to monstrous alligator-crocodile mash-ups, readers get a glimpse into a surprising ecological area created by the waste that flows through the sewers.

WVXU sat down to talk to Jay and Dylan about comics, sewers, and more... Check it out HERE!

Cincinnati Citybeat got their minds into the gutter for an INTERVIEW with creator/writer Jay Kalagayan, and illustrator Dylan Speeg!

Speeg — also a singer and guitarist for Cincy Rock/Soul/Roots band Heavy Hinges — was fresh off of a project creating concept art for the Syfy cable channel.

My favorite fiction and science fiction have always been built on a foundation of what’s real. I wanted to have that (idea) underlying, so you really think to yourself, ‘We don’t really know what’s down there.’

- Jay Kalagayan

The Cincinnati Enquirer published a wonderful feature on MeSseD and its creators, HERE!

Fascinating. And kinda creepy, too.
That initial interest [in the MSD] led to more and more research about life in the subterranean world of sewer systems... The list of oddities goes on and on and on. Combine that with an overactive imagination spawned by a life spent reading sci-fi and cutting-edge theater and Kalagayan was chomping at the bit to create a freewheeling tale of life in the underground.
Lilliput... is tough and enterprising. She is fearless and unflappable. Lilliput is a hero for all of us.

THANK YOU to WVXU, Emily Begman at CityBeat, and David Lyman at the Cincinnati Enquirer!

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