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Protective pets

Your pet ever get protective of you? Akka takes the spotlight in ʺFaunaʺ a Chapter 2 bonus story drawn by Cincinnati artist Clint Bassinger.

Clint is the fastest pencil in the Midwest! His speed and skill is only matched by his creativity. Jay met him through the monthly meetings of the Cincinnati Comic Creators group. In talking with him, Jay found that he would be perfect for a tale spotlighting Akka, Lilliput's pet rat.

"It was great fun to work with Jay Kalagayan on MeSseD. I think he tailored the story towards things that I love to draw," says Clint, "Including a gritty battle royale between a rat and a monstrous centipede-creature!"

The story "Fauna" really shows the special partnership that Akka and Lilliput share. Akka is protective, fiercely protective, of Lilliput and vice versus. Check out Fat Mucket's file on Akka.

"Jay has created a fun and mysterious world," says Clint, "I love that it has a realistic setting and vibe… but new strange, out of this world creations show up around every turn."

Clint regularly has 24 Hour Comic events at the Pique Gallery in Kentucky. He has created a great stable of characters to draw from. My favorites creators of his are Mummynaut and Johnnysaurus Rex!

"I love bringing the ideas from my mind to life. I also love continuing to learn new techniques of inking and sequential storytelling," says Clint.

Here are a few panels from Fauna, art by Clint Basinger, the bonus story in Chapter Two: Garden Graveyard.


Click here to read more about Clint Basinger

Click here to see Clint's website,

Chapter Two: Garden Graveyard is now available digitally. Click here for more information.

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