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The Intrusion infiltrates the underworld of MeSseD

If The Boondocks met Banksy and stayed up all night partying …

The Intrusion is the hangover afterwards …

The Intrusion is our first look at the eponymous group of mutated, mischievous cockroaches living in the sewers. Intrusion brood mates Paton and Horace search for meaning along with “exquis” graffiti spots and forgotten jelly donuts.

What if the moldy Healthcliff lunchbox in Jean-Michel Basquiat’s refrigerator became sentient?

The Intrusion

Art by Clint Basinger

Written by Jay B. Kalagayan

Layout by Geoff Raker

Writer Jay B. Kalagayan and artist Clint Basinger, has created The Intrusion stories in comic strip form, as a homage to the daily and Sunday cartoon strips from their youth.

The Intrusion will premiere at the Cincinnati Comic Expo on September 27, 2022 in the MeSseD Spectacle.


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