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Character Mode: Fat Mucket’s Favorite Songs

This month, writer/editor Aiesha D. Little, who serves as the character model for Fat Mucket in the most recent season of MeSseD, drops her playlist for our favorite middle manager.

Just like music can really set the scene for a movie or TV show, I think it can do the same for comic book characters. There are songs that just speak to the heart of who a character is deep down inside. With that said, every character (comic book or otherwise) should have their own personal soundtrack. Here’s my list of songs that make Fat Mucket who she is!

Charles Mingus – “Haitian Fight Song Fat Mucket listens to jazz (of the bebop/post-bop/hard bop variety) in her office while writing her missives late at night. This is one of her favorites. Heart – “Barracuda The quintessential “getting ready for work” song for a woman with a demanding job. Those hard-driving chord progressions scream “I’m in charge!” Sade – “Smooth Operator What Mucket listens to while unwinding after a hard day at work. A nice glass of red wine with this playing in surround sound soothes the mind. Larry Young – “Zoltan Again, a jazz favorite. Ever the jazz head, Mucket knows this is a deep cut.

Paul Johnson – “Get Get Down Mucket was definitely a club kid back in the day, dancing the night away to house music.

Anita Baker – “Rapture Every Black auntie loved this song in the ’80s and Mucket’s no different.

Cardi B – “Bodak Yellow Knowing the words to this song makes Mucket feel like she’s relatable to the younger MSD workers, although they probably don’t think so. (And when it comes to her, the lyrics “I’m a boss/You a worker, [bleep]/I make bloody moves” kind of say it all, don’t they?)

Aiesha Little is a lover of jazz music, steampunk, cosplay, and all things geeky. You can find her work at


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