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Barriers to Reading

MeSseD Comics wants to entertain, educate and enlighten without price getting in the way!

Dear Fellow Flushers,

Hello from the Roots!

I remember the spinner rack of comic books at the local convenience, turning with possibility. So many stories to choose from. That’s when you could get a comic for under a buck ($1). In the contest between a blue raspberry Slushee treat and the latest Legion of Superheroes, I was fortunate to be able to afford both.

At Creative Mussel, we don’t ever want cost to be a barrier for the experience to explore the tunnels with Lilliput and Akka. We want easy access for all to diverse comics that entertain, education and, like us, enlighten.

We are pleased to offer all people free access to MeSseD Comics Season 1: Follow the Flush and Season 2: Dregs FREE digitally on WebToons.

And on our Treatment Plant website as well.

That’s right, the introduction of the Filaments, the 4INTH shanty town with Jude and Laplace, Sandshell vs. Quasi, making sure echolocation doesn’t cause brain hemorrhage and, of course, the first Fatberg in comics!

Oh and as a bonus, Akka’s Messenger mission. Akka rescues a baby centipede named Footsie, they go to the centipede clan and are attacked by those dreggin’ sewer worms!

For no charge, at a click of a button. Enjoy! We hope MeSseD Comics can offer you creative

inspiration, imagination stimulation and a moment

or two of grossness.

If you want to show your gratitude, spread the word! Please like, subscribe, comment and share those pages so more people will be able to access our work!

Later, No Gator,



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