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More Grossness ... Everywhere ...

Gina Marrone is quite a talent. I met her through the Art Academy of Cincinnati. She was graduating and had a great portfolio of work. I thought her more cartoony, clean art style would be unique as a pinup for MeSseD. Seeing her illustration of Lilliput, I had to get her to do a bonus story.

“I love working on MeSseD because it challenges me to draw something new every time,” says Gina, “Lilliput is a unique protagonist with great reactions, and I always enjoy illustrating her and her environments,”.

Gina was terrific to work with and was very tolerant of my regular note: “There needs to be more grossness … everywhere ...

Gina has the following advice:

For aspiring comic book artists (or artists of any kind), don't be afraid to start your comic just because you don't think you're good enough yet! Maybe you have trouble drawing hands, or buildings, or perspective, but the more you draw those things, the better you'll get. If you keep waiting until you think it'll look perfect, you'll never do anything. So just do it!

Here’s a few panels from Paperwork Art by Gina Marrone, the bonus story in Chapter One: Choke.


- Jay

Click HERE to read more about Gina Marrone.

Click HERE to see more of Gina’s artwork.

Chapter One: Choke will be released November 1. Click HERE for more information.

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