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What's Your Favorite Pet Like?

What's your favorite pet like?

For Lilliput, her pet - her faithful companion, her sidekick - is Akka. Akka is a Rattus Norvegicus, a brown rat. Typically, the brown rat lives wherever humans do, which makes them pretty common in city sewers. R. Norvegicus characteristics include acute hearing and an amazing olfactory sense (great at smelling things).

Lilliput patrols her “range”: a section of the maze of pipes and tunnels where she keeps the flow. It's pretty lonely work. Adopting Akka as her partner-in-slime keeps her company, warns her of danger, and provides defense from the local fauna.

An excerpt from Lilliput's violation report by her MSD manager, Fat Mucket:

Now, this “Akka” is a fierce rodent. She almost seems vigilant, even protective of Lilliput: whether in the Roots or at the treatment plant campus. The rat is like another set of eyes.

Click HERE to see the rest of Fat Mucket's MSD violation report.

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