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MeSseD Evals: Threeridge

MSD Human Resources

Cycle Evaluation

Manager of Operations aka Fat Mucket

Subject: Threeridge aka Ridge, #20-74343021

File Name: (WITHHELD)

Specialty: Screen Specialist

Secondary: Tank Specialist

Tertiary: Supplies Specialist

Evaluation: Pretty outgoing. Professional. Good under pressure from a wet season overflow to an illegal industrial chemical dump. Sufficient work keeping our chemical and mechanical supplies stocked.

Ridge maintains the “Glory Box.” It’s part oddity museum and part trading post of semi-interesting sewer solids caught on the inlet screens. Usually small plastic children’s toys, animal body parts, necklaces, the occasional bowling ball, and of course, “rings and coins.” She barters with the filter workers tchotchkes found in The Roots. Does seem to make them happy.

Mandatory negative notation: We keep the flow. Screen it, trash it. Too much foraging for “trade and display” on company time.

Final Note: People flush the weirdest things. We’re weird for making it a pastime.

Evaluation by Jay B. Kalagayan

Artwork by Dylan Speeg

Character Model Tate Snyder

File photo design by Geoff Raker

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