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Behind the Scenes: BASK

In our MeSseD Vol. 1: Follow the Flush trade, we collect the first season including the premiere of the two-part, Bask.

Enjoy these behind-the-scenes images that show artist Dylan Speeg’s process in keeping the different allicrocs in order, as well as an excerpt from Jay B. Kalagayan's original script.

For more about the allicroc story Bask, check out this What’s the Flush link :

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Later no Gator!

Season 1 bonus, BASK

Artwork by Dylan Speeg

Story by Jay Kalagayan



Script comparison, allowance for lettering and general feedback

Character Modeling


Script comparison and general feedback

Artwork with lettering

Script comparison, lettering edits as needed and general feedback

Final artwork

Bask spotlights an adolescent group of allicrocs looking for trouble. “In creating the allicrocs, I researched the differences between an alligator and a crocodile and made sure they exhibited all of them at the same time,” says illustrator Dylan Speeg, “I had to keep a list of their scars to keep track. Most people won’t even notice that each one is unique but we know the difference. The devil is in the details,”.


MeSseD Comics script except

Bask by Jay B. Kalagayan

PAGE 3  

3.1 - Wide shot of five Allicrocs sitting in the sewer equivalent of a gator hole. Steam rises from the water.  

In order, Bru - alpha male, cool. Has a few marks / scars on his snout.

Baw - Male, smaller but growing, youngest, not many marks / scars on his snout.

Fol - Female, aged between Bru and Baw, more elaborate scale structure than males.

Din - Male, smallest but near age of Bru. Has blood lust, cruel. Has several marks / scars on his snout. 

Ner - Male, tries to follows rules, succumbs to peer pressure.

The water of the “gator hole” bubbles and steam emanates. What was a circular sewer hole has been shaped by years of allicroc engineering aka, gnawing, clawing and rolling on stones until it’s widened and more unique. The gator holes are usually set around steam heating pipes, hence the steam and bubbles. They sit like five people sitting in a hot tub. They are, mostly submerged, just their heads, or noses and eyes can be seen.  

Bru: “Have had!”  Fol: “Rules!” Di: “Sire roll you!” Ner: “Trea-ty!”

3.2 - Shot of Ner and Fol.  Din: “Sire ceased!”  Ner: “Sire blessed by Sobek!”  

3.3 - Shot of Ner with his snout up and jaw open at Bru. Ner: “No Hu-man-meats!”

3.4 - Bru talking to bask of Allicrocs. They stare at him while he tells his tale.  Bru: “Found man meat, bones broken, near ceased.”



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