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Bonifacio Global City Murals

In December 2022, I embarked on a journey back to the Philippines with my mom. It was more than just a family reunion; it was a cultural and spiritual awakening. But the Philippines surprised me in another way – it sparked a creative fire within me. The vibrant murals and stunning artwork I encountered were a constant source of inspiration. Join us as we share photos, interpretations, and the stories behind these captivating pieces of Philippine art.

- Jay B. Kalagayan, Executive Director, Creative Mussel

David's Hand

Bunnie Reiss


With the widest part of the mural being at the bottom, the viewers eyes can't help but follow the path to the top, allowing them to take in every detail along the way. Even if just focusing on the cloud-like depiction at the bottom, the viewers' eyes are active as the waves of varying line weight carry them across its expanse. The pattern might even be distracting enough that the viewer ends up missing the delicate dotted lines just under the blue mass.

Directing attention to the focal point of the mural, the dark hand, though stiff and bold, stands curiously in a gentle, whimsical nature. It is decorated with a multitude of patterns, colors and designs, ranging from hearts, to triangles, to wave-like lines, to... a chicken. Being the largest design on the hand, the animal draws the eye in and moves it around to appreciate every fine detail it holds.

The imagery is created from my deep fascination with memories, mythology, eastern European folklore, and children's books. I believe we can live in a type of in-between world where these characters play important roles in our everyday lives, guiding us to the answers of our most private questions.


Sony PlayStation - God of War Ragnarok

Jappy Agoncillo


The most striking aspect of this mural is the beautiful array of colors used throughout. The clashing palette of warm and cool colors are not saturated enough to be obnoxious, but also not desaturated enough to skew the excitement of the piece. Each figure/creature/object is placed purposefully to provide a clean juxtaposition between the cool opposing forces and the warm heroic figures.

The overall composition of the mural is a bit confusing, especially at first glance, but the movement appears to be the center of the piece. The two main figures are what holds the eyes attention, especially since they appear human (something familiar), they are prominent warm colors, and they are recognizable figures (video game characters). With how the figures are placed, the path that the eyes take is diagonal, which allows the viewer to see the other details placed on the sides.

Commissioned by PlayStation to create artwork for the campaign and release of God of War Ragnarok, the 5th main line God of War game and the successor to the critically acclaimed God of War for the PlayStation 4.
I created a design based on my experience with the games, the mythology, as well as the existing marketing for the game. As part of the campaign, I was tasked with painting a mural of my design. This was to be a part of the God of War mural series present in several Asian countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan.


We Are What We Pretend to Be (Pt. 1)

Nate Frizzell


We Are What We Pretend to Be (Pt.3)

Nate Frizzell


An optical illusion of sorts, these murals combine the simplistic with the realistic to create a unique and fascinating experience for the viewer. Though, the figures in each appear to compete for the attention of eyes. The smaller, realistic figure naturally captures the gaze, as one has to process with the fact that it is not actually real, even with the coloring being in grayscale (Pt. 3) or muted (Pt.1). Either behind or beside the figure resides a crude drawing of an animal (or animals), expecting attention. Being larger than the human figure (or just large in general), the viewers' gaze will automatically shift to it, allowing a smooth movement through the piece. Although the airbrushed lines of the animals are shaky and uneven, they still appear purposeful, with a clear intention behind their craft.

Who we are at work. How we act around friends and family. The way we speak to our lovers. We are all of these and none of these, a revolving collection of faces. Of masks. These meditations inform the work of Nate Frizzell. Lovingly rendered through bold colors and powerful compositions, his stirring narratives pay tribute to primal emotions of the wild at heart. Juxtaposing man and beast, nature and urban landscapes, Nate's subjects convey the quest for identity, the fire of innermost desires, and the unbridled passion of youth. They portray faces hidden but emotions nakedly exposed.

- BGC Arts Center (Pt. 1) (Pt. 3)


Atin ang Love for All



Featuring a limited color palette and smooth, dramatic lines, this mural offers an overall sense of warmness, welcoming, and familiarness. While there does not appear to be a main focal point of the piece, the viewers' gaze will follow horizontally through the figures, taking in each one as they are all connected. The youngest-appearing figure on the left has their hand up, which guides the eye to the hair of the middle figure, to which their extended arm connects with the final, elder figure on the right. The bold and more commonly used blues allow the figures to stand out more, as opposed to the circular background, or the warm bread.

Also a part of Atin ang Love for All, this part of the mural presents a different energy... one with more excitement and playfulness. Similar to the previous section, this piece is completed with dramatic and lively lines, accompanied by a limited color palette. Though, this works to the murals favor, as it makes the piece more cartoon-y, as a more realistic depiction of a dinosaur may cause the overall meaning to divert.

Aside from this section of the mural being a dinosaur, it really captures relatable human-like qualities. The space that the work is contained in appears to be cramped for the creature, but that doesn't seem to bother it, nor take away from the piece. The composition could be compared to trying to position oneself and pose in a mirror. Even the expression is relatable, as it appears that the dinosaur is smiling for the selfie.

When you love, you can do amazing things. It lets us create new worlds and strengthen old bonds. You are a combination of the people you hold dear. Love gives us reason to empathize, be kind, and be compassionate. Love is amazing.


Love Rat



A rather simplistic depiction of a black and white rat holding onto a paintbrush, having painted a dripping red heart. Although stylized, the animal is still drawn and colored realistically, leaving the lighter parts as white, while the rest is filled a stiff black. The paintbrush is rendered the same way, though with some movement on the bristles as they hang downwards, decorated with a pure red. These features are what draws the viewers eye in first, the bold black sticking out against everything. Behind the rat though, is a graceful heart done in a thick red line with some drips traveling downwards, as if the rat had just painted it.

At first glance, one thinks this act is intended to spread love. However, the blood-red paint drip painting implies that the heart is in fact bleeding, reminding us of love's potential to induce pain and suffering as well as joy and pleasure. Indeed, Banksy promoted the release of this first of his 2004 rat prints as an ideal gift for a "cheating spouse".

Interpretations and research by Victor Kirkbride and Jay Kalagayan


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