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MeSseD Evals: Fawnsfoot

MSD Human Resources

Cycle Evaluation

Manager of Operations aka Fat Mucket

Subject: Fawnsfoot, #20-07315520

File Name: (WITHHELD)

Specialty: Communications

Secondary: Information Technology

Tertiary: Security Monitor


Jittery, clumsy, and breaking things except when working on software or hardware. She’s smart, capable, and more importantly, a processor. She can handle a large number of information variables while deducing efficient responses while executing tasks.

Mandatory negative notation:

She’s a geek! Her multitrack brain has half of them scanning cat videos, playing video games and listening to a pod stream. She’s learning new sci fi fantasy languages. Useless!

Need to get her relief in security monitor duty after this filament infiltration (INI). It’s the only time she catnaps.

Final Note: Extra sudden surprise check-ins never a bad idea.


Evaluation by Jay B. Kalagayan

Artwork by Dylan Speeg

Character Model Kallisto Langdon

File photo design by Geoff Raker

Editor Kristen Ruthemeyer Hammer

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