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Meet the Allicrocs in Bask



In our new MeSseD Vol. 1: Follow the Flush trade we collect the first season including the premiere of the two- part Bask.

Bask is a two part story that we planned for Season 1,” says writer Jay B. Kalagayan. “However, we didn’t include it after deciding that each chapter of the first season would be one-and-done stories that the new readers could try, collectively, toward building the MeSseD universe. We’re thrilled to have Bask as a bonus for our readers for this trade.”

Bask introduces the allicrocs to the MeSseD world. The allicrocs are a mutated hybrid of alligators and crocodiles able to survive in the sewers. Through the comics’ Fat Mucket files and chapters like Garden Graveyard and Fatberg Variations, we’ve hinted at the existence of the allicroc tribe and their deceased leader, Sire.

Bask spotlights an adolescent group of allicrocs looking for trouble. “In creating the allicrocs, I researched the differences between an alligator and a crocodile and made sure they exhibited all of them at the same time,” says illustrator Dylan Speeg. “I had to keep a list of their scars to keep track. Most people won’t even notice that each one is unique but we know the difference. The devil is in the details.”

Bask is the term for a group of crocodiles, a la a “murder of crows.” In this two-part story, a bask of allicrocs assaults the makeshift shanty town of 4INTH. 4INTH is home of Jude and Laplace. We last encountered this homeless shelter in Beautiful Dreamer.


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