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Anime Ohio, MeSseD back at the cons!

Anime Ohio is a hometown show for all of us here at MeSseD. It's the third year for the event and they had a huge crowd attend. This was our first show since the pandemic and we were a little anxious. But it was exquis to talk with fellow fans about the stories that excite us.

Oh and shout out to the Anime Ohio crew for a well run and well attended event! You were so accommodating and we appreciate the check ins throughout the day.

Check out some of our favorite pics from Anime Ohio 2021. Oh and don't forget the slide show at the bottom!

Former Cincy Roller Girls skater, Garden of Beaten, stopped by to get Season 2 and got affectionately attacked by Sewer Worms!

Anime Ohio was the day before Fathers Day. MeSseD Illustrator Dylan Speeg brought his daughter and friend to the event. Following your children as they discover cool things is one of the perks of fatherhood.

We got to meet Debi, great talking with you! We hope you enjoy experiencing Lilliput and Akka’s weird, wet and wild adventures beneath our feet.

MeSseD Illustrator Dylan Speeg did some original doodles in select MeSseD Vol 1 Follow the Flush Season 1 Trade paperbacks!

We get to meet interesting people and share culture that excites us!

Oh the cuteness ...

We're already excited about Anime Ohio 2022, June 17 - 18, will we see you there?

Check out the rest of our photos in the slideshow below!


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