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How-To with MeSseD Creators

Want to make your own comics, but don’t know where to start? Let MeSseD’s very own Jay and Dylan show you how they work!

Image of Sketch Step

1) Jay writes out the script based on scenes and panels. Locations and action are described first, and character conversation are included later. Since this is the base of the rest of the comic, it is important to include as many details as possible.

2) Jay sends the script to Dylan, who then starts to sketch out the comic.

Focus on the bare bones of the panel layout and character poses! Unleash all of your stick figure training here!

3) Dylan shows the thumbnails to Jay. In turn, Jay green lights any

panels that works, and gives suggestions on any panels more in line with the script or the reader's experience.

Image of Details Step

4) Dylan re-sketches out the panels that need changes and

may add in further details to existing panels such as speech bubbles,

general costume details, and background items. He marks changes that Jay suggestions in RED for emphasis.

Again, these details should still be fairly basic, since…

5) …Jay and Dylan repeat steps 3 and 4 until they are happy with the storyboard.

During these steps, Dylan will also have someone pose for reference photos that he will later base his detailed drawings on.

6) Dylan will now start filling in the details of the comic.

As he goes, Dylan may choose to start inking certain parts of the comics first and penciling in other details that he didn’t get to during the storyboard process.

7) Dylan shows his progress to Jay, who adds any suggestions to Dylan if necessary.

8) Steps 6 and 7 are repeated until there is an inked comic that both are satisfied with.

And now you are done, too! Unless…

9) …You want to publish your comic! Jay and Dylan get the comic pages saved as a certain size and file format. These files are then sent to their printer.

10) The comic is printed, bounded, and is now ready for sale for readers like you!

Image of MeSseD Comic: Choke

Have any questions about the tools Jay and Dylan use? Need any advice on how to get past a step you get stuck at? Something else entirely? Ask us in the comments!

Later, no Gator.


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