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SINK Cover Reveal

Ready for our cover reveal?

Here we go Fellow Flushers, fresh cover art from Dylan Speeg!

MeSseD Season 4, Chapter 1 SINK cover by Dylan Speeg

What’s Lilliput and Akka doing in the fungus forest aka the allicroc graveyard?

In the aftermath, the filaments infiltrated the MSD treatment plant. Fat Mucket has sent hunting parties of MSD workers to eliminate any filaments they encounter.

Lilliput wants back in the Roots and is put on “light duty”. Her and Akka have to lab jockey samples in the fungus Forrest aka the Allicroc Graveyard.

But there’s something lurking beneath the water …

Season 4, Chapter 1 will be hot off the press for the premiere at Cincinnati Comic Expo 2023 on Friday, September 22.

Pre Order your copy signed by Dylan Speeg and Jay B. Kalagayan

Premiering at the Cincinnati Comic Expo on September 22, 2023. Orders received before September 20 will ship on Friday, September 22, 2023.


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