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MeSseD Evals: Sandshell

MSD Human Resources

Cycle Evaluation

Manager of Operations aka Fat Mucket

Subject: Sandshell, filter worker #13-5779569

File Name: (WITHHELD)

Specialty: Filter Worker

Secondary: Team Manager-On-Site (in-training)

Tertiary: Security Patrol

Quaternary: Laundry (Hazardous)

Evaluation: Sandshell is a good filter. She was serving her F5 (first 5 cycles) when she learned a sludgy lesson by being skewered by Quasi (#34546368-78274). She was lucky not to be filament food.

Instincts are good in the field but she seems less in tune with the flow of The Roots. Filter workers like Lilliput and even Kidneyshell when she had boots on seem to have a sixth sense to the flow underground.

Before the injury she was pretty social. She kept morale up at the LQ (Living Quarters), started the cornhole tournaments, and organized study groups to help finish her schooling. I was thinking of her as a manager of site teams. Hasn’t been the same since her injury. Seemed to be on edge. Angrier.

She really led the workers against the filament I-N-I (infiltration) but losing Maple was very difficult for her. She’s obsessed with bleaching Quasi and the rest of the filaments.

Mandatory negative notation:

The edge. That’s where Sandshell is. Useful at times and gets it done. Kidneyshell thinks she needs counseling. Why blunt the edge?


Evaluation by Jay B. Kalagayan

Artwork by Dylan Speeg

Character Model Adrienne Michelle

File photo design by Geoff Raker

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