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MeSseD Evals: Fragile

MSD Human Resources

Cycle Evaluation

Manager of Operations aka Fat Mucket

Subject: Fragile, #21-01212021

File Name: (WITHHELD)

Specialty: Mechanical- treatment plant and lift/pump stations

Secondary: Maintenance jetters, drones, and jetter drones

Tertiary: Treatment Orderly and Janitorial

Quaternary: Laundry (Non-Hazardous)


“Fragile” is anything but her namesake. Silent but strong. Friendly but definitely introverted.

Doesn't seem to mind the solitude of a double shift at a pump station then will return for a cornhole tournament. Spends solo time repairing drones and jetters in the shed then can turn around and be an invaluable team player in a lift hydraulic repair.

Mandatory negative notation:

I’ve seen this one’s “1,000 yard stare” when she needs alone time. No long term partners with this one. They might conveniently disappear in a sludge tank.

Curiosity. Careful she doesn’t take apart the new mesh filters systems just to see how they work.

Final Note: Not one to mess with. Make sure to balance her recharge time in her work schedule.


Evaluation by Jay B. Kalagayan

Artwork by Dylan Speeg

Character Model Mackenzie Vail Masters

File photo design by Geoff Raker

Editor Kristen Ruthemeyer Hammer

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