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Guest Artist: Jme Foronda

I really like the playful nature of Jme Foronda’s artwork. Her deceptively simple lines unveil a rich, imaginative mind. She is a freelance artist from the Philippines, now living in Sammamish, Washington. Check out her Instagram page for these amazing cultural interpretations of Sandman and The Endless.

I was very happy to commission this piece from her. She also provided some process photos as well. She wrote the following about MeSseD Comics: “I was pretty happy seeing that it was a Filipina character in the lead in the series. :)”

We requested that she depict Lilliput exploring the Garden Graveyard aka the Fungus Forest where Nymph and Lilliput had their lunch date in Season 1, Ch 2. We revisit the Fungus Forest in Season 4. (Currently being written by me, ha!)

Check out more of Jme Foronda’s work on Instagram at or her website.

Later, no Gator,



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