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Guest Artist: Jeffrey Ward

I met Jay some odd years ago at Up Up and Away comics on a Free Comic Book Day. As I recall, he just had the first season of MeSseD out. Since then I've seen him around Cincinnati and other conventions that we've both been at from the Cincinnati Comic Expo to Gem City Comic Con to GalaxyCon and back again.
Comics have influenced my art from an early age, when I purchased Batman # 306 with the Black Spider. The art had an impact on me and I decided that I wanted to draw comics. Years have passed since that first encounter, but my love for them hasn't lessened. I self-published my first comic with my sister, Stephanie writing it in 2016 entitled "The Adventures of Malibu Jack". It's the story of an adventurous rabbit and his friends. I'm also working on an upcoming horror comic that I'm writing and illustrating. The book is fully written and I'm working on the art for the first issue as we speak.
- Jeffrey Ward

"I have to say that getting opportunity to work in the MeSseD universe of sewer systems was fun. I love the various creatures that roam the sewers below. When Jay commissioned me to draw Lilliput I saw the scene clearly in my mind of tentacles wrapped around her exhausted from her brush with death. It's an exciting world beneath the streets," says Jeffrey Ward.

"Jeffrey is a fantastic artist, his line work solid. He captures movement really well. I really want an opportunity to write something with Jeffrey," says Jay B. Kalagayan, "He's someone that you can hang and relax with, whether we're both bored at the slow moments of a comic con or hanging at the Cincinnati Comic Creators,".

You can find Jeffrey Ward's work at any of the following locations:


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