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Gem City Comic Con 2021, coming back to comic cons!

July 24-25, 2021

Dayton Convention Center

22 E 5th St. Dayton, OH 45402

It was a stunner of a time at Gem City Comic Con!

Jay took 75N to Dayton, Ohio. We premiered the new MeSseD Season 3 chapters plus the David Mack variant cover. We also had the Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities debut book!

It was great seeing fellow creators, meeting new readers and checking out the equis cosplay! We signed MeSseD trades, comics and cover prints and got to talk to some new creators.

The sewer worms, as usual, got in some skirmishes, ate some hands and chilled with some attendees.

Enjoy the pics from the events!

My fav is this one with the Jawa. First they fight, then they're buds!

Our friend Sebastian Hexx stopped by as Deadpool but the sewer worms kind of hid the mask by eating his head.

Jay had the new Season 3 David Mack variant cover as well as the new Cincinnati Cabinet Of Curiosities.

Check out the rest in the Gem City Comic Con 2021 gallery below!


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